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High Award for Cosmopolitans Afroyim and Daim 

Rathauskorrespondenz Sept. 2, 2009

City Council for Cultural Affairs of the City of Vienna Dr. Andreas Mailath-Pokorny emphasizes the "open-minded, humanistic attitude" of the artist Soshana Afroyim and the psychologist Wilfried Daim.


Vienna, 3rd Sep 2009 – Both had suffered the terrifying and experienced the beautiful sides of the 20th century, highlighted City Council of Cultural Affairs Dr. Andreas Mailath-Pokorny in his speech on Wednesday. On the occasion of the presentation of high awards of the City of Vienna to the 82year old artist Soshana Afroyim (Merit Award in Gold of the Province of Vienna) and the 87year old psychologist and publicist Dr. Wilfried Daim (Medal of Honour of the Federal Capital) he expressed that both represented “an open-minded, humanistic attitude” even though they had different life stories. 

Soshana Afroyim - maiden name Susanne Schüller - had to flee Vienna with her family in 1938. She spent her further life in the “hot spots” of the art avant-garde such as Paris and New York.  

Christian Kircher (Wien Museum) held the laudation for Mrs. Soshana Afroyim. He recalled the unbelievable ability of the artist to succeed as a woman among all the men who dominated the avant-garde art scene of the 1960ies.  

Soshana Afroyim painted the last portrait of the writer Franz Werfel on his deathbed and she was portrayed by Pablo Picasso in 1954.


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