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de Catherine Guglielmi, L'INDEPENDANT, 31 August 1962


The exhibition by Soshana in the Paris Picasso Museum (Grimaldi-Castle) was an artistic and glamorous event honouring the captivating personality of the artist.

As a restless traveller, this extremely likeable young woman offers us an armful of her memories, which reveal in the sunlight a radiant soul, full of compassion for human distress.

Soshana's solitude is filled with mediations, passionately awaiting love, the eternal shooting star.

The wall which separates nostalgia from the metaphysic, lets us anticipate luminous rays of light which turn the enigmatic word "end" into a promising start.

"Man and his fate", this weakly puppet, lost in the stormy boundlessness. We feel attached to it by the superiority of the invisible strings which pull the puppet without any mercy on his unlimited course.

"The thirst in the desert" seems to symbolise a bleeding call by the centres of life. While "The war" seems to ignite the glaring blast of hate in which men's bloodthirsty instinct units with the instinct of a beast.

In the works of Soshana everything is spontaneous. Her abstract style seems to be a way of avoiding the loop ways of languages. Each one of her painting reminds the viewer on mystical flowers which are brought to blossom by certain initiated people tangible only by the creator's power of thinking. Though they are tangible, their existence is only real for those who participate in the game.

Occasionally the artist forgets about the universal drama in order to indulge herself in frolic joys. Her captivating youth bursts into fireworks of a strange beauty of colours and shapes.